What is Shipl?

Shipl is a service who provide meta-transaction at scale through an API and a SDK. By doing so we are capable to dramatically improve the UX in your dApps because the user doesn't need any more to think about ether or gas.

How does't it work?

We use a technology called "meta-transaction" which enable user to sign an intent transaction and delegate the execution to a third-party called the gas provider.

But what is exactly a meta-transaction?

A schema is better than a long discourse.

As a developer I really just have to change two lines of code into my dApp?

Yes! Thanks to our SDK, which is a web3 provider, you literally just have to change two lines in your code.

Ok, but do I need to change my smart contract?

No! You don't need to. In our current ecosystem lot of peoples started to work on meta-transaction and it's true that in the common implementation the method msg.sender is not supported. But thanks to the use of a proxy contracts at Shipl we are capable to provide a service which is compatible with all the past and present smart contracts.